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Benefits of a Whole-House Air Cleaning System

Some airborne contaminants are uninvited like pollen, mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust, mites or even radon gas. While others are self-contributed like tobacco, wood or cooking smoke, combustion by-products, insecticides, pet dander, toxins emitted from air fresheners, carpets, carpet deodorizers, dry-cleaned clothing, glues, household cleaners, paints, varnishes, personal care products, press-board furniture and cabinets, and lots more.


Considering you spend 90% of your time indoors, breathing in 16,000 quarts of air each day, which may be 20-70 times more polluted than outdoor air…you and your family are breathing a chemical stew.
These contaminants adversely affect indoor air quality, which directly affect your health and comfort. Whether the effects are mild or severe, short or long ranging, they can cause symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, sneezing, runny noses, headaches, fatigue, tightness of chest, shortness of breath and even epidemics of colds or flu.
And even if you’re not immediately affected, the smallest pollutants are inhaled and retained deep in the lungs, which may result in respiratory and other health problems after years of repeated exposure.