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Tankless Water Heaters

An Endless Supply of Hot Water, You’ll Never Run Out and You’ll Save on Energy Costs,
What Could Be Better?

The on-demand tankless heaters don’t store the hot water, this can save you up to 50% of your energy costs. They are very compact in design allowing you to install them in smaller areas, thus saving you space. With a properly sized tankless you and your family can take multiple showers at the same time continuously. At 80% to 93% – whats not to like

We at Air Comfort deal with the best manufactures in the business with companies like  Noritz, Rinnai and Navien to name a few.

Energy Saving

Endless Hot Water

Space Saving

Durable and Reliable

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks have come a long way with advancements like spark to pilot ignition, flame vapour sensors, electronic gas valves and more. Why rent a tank when buying is cheaper over the long run.

Pool Heaters

We at Air Comfort will service, install and maintain your swimming pool heaters to give you years of worry free poolside summer living.

Gas Connections

Our full line of service includes the installation or hooking up of gas piping for your gas appliances like BBQ’s, gas ranges and dryers.

Indoor Air Quality

Humidifiers are One of the Basic Requirements for You and Your Home

In order to make your home as comfortable as possible, you need to add moisture to the air. Doing so reduces dry throat and skin, static shocks, keeps furniture, hardwood floors and your home from drying out and increases energy efficiency. It’s become well known that a home with moisture feels warmer than a dry home, even at lower temperature settings.

The installation of a humidifier not only gives you more comfort but also saves you money.

A Honeywell Humidifier, Aprilaire Humidifier or Generalaire Humidifier mounts directly to your heating and cooling system to humidify the whole home, you should choose to have a heating and cooling professional complete the installation for you.

For those bigger homes – We suggest the installation of steam humidifiers like Aprilaire Model 800 or General Air Steam humidifiers.

No one knows your heating and cooling system better than a trained professional. At Air Comfort we know how to effectively achieve perfect humidity levels in your home throughout the year. Call us – and explain your humidity concerns. We will be able to help you choose the correct solution for your needs and complete a professional installation.