Radiant Heaters

We install schwank radiant heaters.
Established in 1951, Schwank operates offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouse in Waynesboro, Georgia, and Mississauga, Ontario, staffed by radiant heating specialists dedicated to meeting the heating and comfort needs of companies small and large throughout North America.
Suitable for any commercial/industrial application where radiant is preferred because of high air changes or where localized heating is required such as warehouses and sports halls.


Available in 14 sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 Btu/hr gas input, Reznor® V3™ Series gas-fired suspended unit heaters have up to 83% thermal efficiency. Air delivery is through Axial Propeller Fans or High Air Throw Centrifugal Blowers. Standard features include single-stage gas valve, multi-try, direct spark ignition with 100% lockout, pressure switch to verify vent flow, noise reduction motor mounting, and high-temperature limit control.